My Adventures as a New Mom & Wife!

May 10

Breastfeeding…the 2nd child

Short post: this really freaking sucks right now and I’m only 5 days in.

Apr 04


Sitting in the bathroom doing my business and Eli runs up to the door, slides a play coin under it and shouts “NO! NO!”

Ummmmm, okay.

Apr 03


Project: Breastfeeding - A photo project by Hector Cruz with the goal of “De-stigmatizing public breastfeeding, educating men, and empowering women”. The project features images of men pretending to breastfeed their babies, with the tagline “If I could, I would”, which is targeted in support of breastfeeding mothers.


Apr 03


Yaya Alafia Dacosta has joined the long line of celebrity mothers who are attempting to normalize nursing by posting photos of themselves breastfeeding on Instagram.

Love this pic and love her confidence!!!

Mar 26

Too Tired for Sex

Excuse me ladies… I thought “I’m tired” was our excuse? Well my husband just used it on me. A few weeks ago he said no because I wasn’t romantic enough about it. What the fuck.

I’m pregnant and insecure and for once (or twice) I feel sexy and you’re too tired. But oh you think I’m beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll feel like shit about myself and you’ll say “I don’t know why you get so down on yourself.”

Well asshole, it’s you.

Mar 26
Love this…

Love this…

Mar 21

All Alone and Too Pregnant (rant)

Don had to take his mom back home from her visit. He was going to stay a night and then come home. So I FINALLY convinced Don to take Eli with him…and I am excited. C’mon mamas, you know what I mean.

I just wanted to take myself to a movie, get a pedi, come home to a hot bath, and sleep the evening, night and morning away. And then of course I wanted to get right back to being a mom.

So I get ready to head out to my movie…NO KEYS. We only have one set of keys to our extra car, and of course, they are on Don’s key chain.

I am not even worried about going into labor…but here I am upset, frustrated, and crying because I can’t FINALLY have a “me” day. I mean, a real one: 24 hours of not having to cook someone dinner or wipe a bottom while also doing what I WANT TO DO without having to worry about getting a babysitter or if my husband is going to like the movie or want me home asap.

Seriously, WTF.

Mar 13

quote Pointing out a person’s privilege is not an indictment of their character or integrity; it’s about calling attention to the benefits a person is granted based on their station in society and how they act on those benefits, not who they are in their heart.

Mar 13

Mom: The Negotiator

I’ve always thought my son is exactly like his father…turns out there is a bit of me in there:

Me: Elijah it’s time to take a nap, you didn’t take a good morning one and we have a late night.
Eli: Otay, Cwacka pease.
Me: you may have a cracker but then we’re going for a nap.
Eli: Yes. Cwacka, tank uu.

And then he went up for a nap. I am negotiating with a toddler.

Mar 10

quote Chosen motherhood is the real liberation. The choice to have a child makes the whole experience of motherhood different, and the choice to be generative in other ways can at last be made, and is being made by many women now, without guilt.

— Betty Friedan (The Feminine Mystique)